Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My birthday was May 2nd and Hairyman and I went out partying with a bunch of friends!  We all went out to eat, went to the bar, drank a bunch of alcohol and Hairyman put on a firework show for us later that night at our house.  The following is a text message that I sent them the following morning:  (evidently, I had TOO much fun!)

My dear friends:  Just wanted to Thank you all for contributing to my feeling like ASS this morning! You're all such GREAT friends! Just so you know, I am NEVER drinking again! I'm pretty sure I blacked out last night!  Rob says I was a piece of work! I have NO recollection of some of the nights various activities! .... Like why are there piles of blankets in the middle of the garage floor this morning? ..... Something about J and Cinnamon and me and Hairyman making wild monkey sex under the stars...... that's all I remember! Oh, and which one of you took a shit in my mouth this morning?  Oh, and Hairyman found me passed out on the bathroom floor completely naked at one point..... hopefully you all had left by that time! I'm pretty sure it wasn't a very pretty sight - Good Lord!   Oh, and I woke up spread eagle butt-naked on the couch this morning with a glow stick stuck on my ass!   Rob was in the bedroom in bed but Max (my little Yorkie) was curled up next to me on the couch! I'm fairly positive I didn't have sex last night ....but i cant be sure....oh God - lets hope I didn't have sex with Max!   I think I'm gonna go vomit now!  Thanks again, Jenny


  1. For God's Sake......I'm 47 years old! Don't ya think I'd know better? Geez!

  2. Yikes. Maybe you best get the morning after pill. :)


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